Four homes damaged in Fishers fire

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Two firefighters sustained minor burns while fighting a house fire that damaged or destroyed four homes.

It happened in Fishers near 116th and Brooks School Road Tuesday afternoon. Three homes were destroyed, another home was damaged.

The fire started at a home on Adirondack Court. A man who was home at the time got out after hearing an alarm. He was able to save his dog.

"The male resident was at home, heard the beeping of the smoke alarm and went to investigate and did find fire and smoke in the residence," said Lt. Deanna Matthews, Fishers Fire Department.

The fire spread to two adjacent homes. The occupants of those homes were able to get out safely.

"When we have close houses in this proximity, all of it is lightweight construction, with the sheer heat from any given fire, it can start the next residence on fire," Matthews said.

Contractors working nearby also rushed to help.

"When we saw the fire, it had just started rolling out of the front door, so we went around to the neighbors, we're like, 'Do we know, is anybody home? Is there any dogs?' and they were like, 'There's two dogs in the house next door'," said Jake Parrish. "So we had one of the firemen come over, kick the door in and they were trying to get mobilized, 'cause they were one of the first ones here and they were just an ambulance responder, so we grabbed the dogs from them, ran 'em out of the house, ran next door and then it just, within minutes, all three houses started going."

School buses that normally drop off students in the neighborhood were forced to alter their routes due to the fire crews set up on the street. Students were dropped at a different location.

Today's heat index was making temperatures feel as high as 97 degrees. Along with the humidity and the heat from the fire, Fishers firefighters were concerned about heat exposure.

The firefighters who were injured suffered minor injuries, including slight burns.

"One of the firefighters came out and his uniform was on fire. I mean, they went into the house while the flames were there and it really gives you a respect when you hear about injured firefighters," Parrish said. "For him to go into that house, with the flames the way it was, these guys, I mean, they are...they're heroes."

Crews from the Indianapolis Fire Department and Hancock County were requested to help.