Four coaches suspended after Cascade High School track team 'punishment'

Some students had blisters that ruptured.
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Four coaches at Cascade High School in Hendricks County have been asked to resign from their coaching jobs with the school's track team following a punishment that resulted in injuries for several student athletes.

Also, a track meet scheduled for Friday was canceled.

The superintendent suspended coaches Rosie Fakes, Josh Hagonow, Sean Adams and Nicholas Puckett. All four coaches are also teachers, so although they have been asked to resign from their coaching jobs they will more than likely stay on staff.

Puckett insisted there was never any intent for the exercises to cause injury.

"I understand that, and the kids know and the parents know. All the facts will come out and until then I am just not going to make a comment," he said.

The other coaches had no comment for reporters as they left school district headquarters Friday afternoon.

Some parents and track students complained after the students got blisters and bruises on their hands from doing bear crawls. It was punishment for the students who missed track practice.

However, some students still support their suspended coaches despite the injuries.

"They've been coaches forever. Two, three of them ran in college and you don't find people like that all the time, that have the experience," said Matt Shepard, varsity track team member.

Shepard missed practice for a prom meeting. He didn't have the blisters some students did.

"It's a hard workout and they didn't intend for us to get hurt," said Shepard.

That's why Shepard and other track members said they're disgusted all four coaches have been placed on paid leave and have been asked to resign their coaching positions.

"We didn't get asked how we felt about it and that's who they should be asking is the athletes who had to do the punishment," said Shepard.

Parents whose children got injured did not see it that way, though. They see it as abuse.

"Honestly I'd like to see the coaches do exactly what they had to do and lose their jobs. I'm sorry," said Tammy Rulfs, parent.

The school board will meet Monday at 8:30 pm in an executive session to make a final decision on the fate of the coaches - and learn more from the investigation by the Department of Child Services.