Fort Wayne standoff ends in suspect's shooting death

Photos courtesy Indiana's News Center in Fort Wayne
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A standoff has ended at a Fort Wayne home between police and a man suspected of killing a woman on a city bus and then taking a young child hostage.

Police say their snipers shot and killed 45-year-old Kenneth Knight at around 4:30 pm. The child was unharmed, according to police.

Police spokeswoman Raquel Foster said earlier that the suspect was holed up in a Fort Wayne house near the street where a woman was pulled off a bus and fatally shot earlier Wednesday. She says he was holding a three-year-old child hostage.

The relationship between the suspect, the victim and the child wasn't immediately known.

Police confirmed the hostage situation about five hours after a man pulled a woman off a city bus in crowded traffic about 8 a.m. and fatally shot her about 25 feet away before fleeing into the surrounding neighborhood.

According to WPTA in Fort Wayne, the Allen County Coroner's Office identified the shooting victim as Jacqueline Bouvier Hardy, 49, of Fort Wayne.

Foster says a protective order had been filed against Knight in the past few days, but she didn't say who requested the order.

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