Former Stanford teammates Luck and Fleener reach out, hurt for Martin

Jonathan Martin left the Dolphins after saying he was bullied by a teammate.

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck and tight end Coby Fleener have both reached out to their former Stanford teammate Jonathan Martin after the second-year offensive lineman left the Dolphins last week.

The NFL is investigating allegations that fellow lineman Richie Incognito hazed and bullied Martin.

"Jon (is a) close friend," said Luck. "We had a lot of great times together at Stanford. I have talked to him. (It's) a really an unfortunate situation. It does hurt. Out of respect for him, I'd rather not talk about it anymore. He is a close friend."

Fleener dismissed any suggestion that Martin was not tough enough for the NFL.

"I think that's a stupid, stupid statement," said Fleener. "If somebody wants to dispute that, I'd be happy to talk to them."

Fleener also insisted that Martin did not want to quit football.

"He loves this game," said Fleener. "He's worked his butt off since high school to get where he is now. For anybody to think that he's walking away from the game that he loves is inaccurate."

Colts wide receiver Griff Whalen also calls Martin a friend, but has not talked to his former Stanford teammate in the last week.

"I'm not really sure what to make of it," said Whalen. "I definitely hope he's alright. I don't know any more details, so I don't know what to say about it. I know he's definitely got strong character, loves football, worked hard to build himself into the player that he is, so I know he loves the game."

Incognito is suspended indefinitely. Martin is with his family in California undergoing counseling for emotional issues.