Former Senator Lugar reflects on Nelson Mandela

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Former Indiana Senator Richard Lugar met with High School students from around the state at an annual symposium that he sponsors.

He spoke with Eyewitness News about the a key role he played in helping to end apartheid in South Africa.

"I led the fight in Congress in 1986 to put sanctions on the government of the country until they freed Nelson Mandela. He was aware of that. Aware that the United States Congress came together when I was chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee and he was deeply grateful," explained Lugar.


As the former Senator looked back on his time in leadership he also looked ahead today to the leaders of tomorrow.

Lugar spent the day meeting with high school juniors at the 37th annual symposium at the University of Indianapolis. He answered students' questions about public issues and gave them advice on how to launch a career in politics, "Writing skills and speaking skills. they need to be observing the press and find out who is in politics now and sort of where the points may be in their communities."

Last year Lugar join UINDY as a distinguished professor of political science and international relations.