Former local school psychologist finds success as entrepreneur

Angie Stocklin
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INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - If you have a passion for something, just go for it!

That's what a local entrepreneur says motivated her move from school counselor to a chief operating officer.

Glasses are more than a necessity - they've become a fashion statement, and a Greenwood company is on the cutting edge of the e-tailer eyewear industry.

"We provide an affordable product for people that don't want to pay $300-$400 for a pair of glasses,” says Angie Stocklin, who is the founder of One Click. The company sells eyewear that's made to order.

"You go on our website, you pick out what you want you place your order and then all the orders come directly here to Greenwood where we ship them out every day,” says Stocklin.

Fifty-five employees strong, One Click began with only two -- Angie and her husband, Randy -- right of their own home in 2005.

Stocklin says, "We dedicated nights and weekends and pretty much all of our time to making sure this business was a success.”

She always wanted to be a successful entrepreneur. So Angie took a leap of faith and left her school counseling career to start the business.

"I was a school psychologist before we started One Click and that is a career where you're giving back in but also feeling a lot of satisfaction from watching people grow and develop and I get that same satisfaction here at One Click,” says Stocklin.

She says there's a lot of satisfaction in providing a quality product by Hoosiers.

Stocklin showed Eyewitness News anchor Andrea Morehead around the huge warehouse and explains the fulfillment process.

"This is where our orders come in and then they'll take the sheet and go pick the glasses right from this area right here. And then we'll check them for quality and make sure the order is correct. We put a label on it and send it out."

The lab is local which reduces their costs and essentially cuts out the middle man.

"I have on a pair of our Felix and Iris glasses right now and this would be $120 if you went on our website and purchased them. If you went to your optometrist it would probably be more of the $300-$400 range."

Stocklin’s leadership is all about empowering her employees. Their creative ideas and suggestions are welcomed. One Click is also hiring.

She says they’re looking for, "someone that can work on a team, is a go-getter, knows how to take control of their own career."

One Click continues to grow. Who knows, maybe it will outgrow its already huge warehouse. Stocklin says looking back, taking a chance and following your calling is a prescription that gives everyone 20-20 vision.

"I say give it a shot. If you surround yourself with a good support network whether that's a support network of really talented women or men anybody that is going to give you the confidence to go for it that's really what any entrepreneur needs."

Angie Stocklin is a former IBJ 40 under 40 winner.

To learn more about One Click, visit

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