Former IUPUI TA confesses to 2005 rape, won't face charges

A former IUPUI teaching assistant admitted he raped a student in 2005.
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A confessed rapist will never serve a day in jail, even though he was trying to come clean.

The man was an IUPUI teaching assistant who told police he raped a university student nearly a decade ago in 2005.

The statute of limitations for rape in Indiana is five years. Since the crime happened nine years ago, even though this man admits he raped a woman, he cannot be legally held accountable.

The 39-year-old Carmel man walked into the Marion County Sheriff's Department last month and confessed to the rape. IUPUI Police took the report since he was a teaching assistant and the victim was a university student. The rape occurred at her off-campus apartment on East 13th Street near downtown. Even though the man confessed, even though he turned himself in, police and prosecutors say they can do nothing because the five-year statute of limitations on rape has run out.

The case was closed and the man never arrested.

"That's regrettable. That's shocking," said Anita Carpenter of the Indiana Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

Asked if she has ever heard of a case like this, Carpenter responded, "Nope, this was a first."

"And the opportunity is there to actually prosecute and convict somebody and hold them accountable for sexual assault, and it can't happen, it's just surreal," Carpenter added.

The victim didn't go to police at the time of the rape but with the confession, said she would indeed want to press charges. Now, that can't happen and IUPUI Police will not discuss the case or release the man's name.

"We don't know if this individual committed other sex offenses, that would be important to we can make sure the victims have gotten healing," said Carpenter. "And using this as an opportunity to get more victims to come forward."

The only thing we know about the man right now is that he's 39, lives in Carmel, and no longer teaches at IUPUI.

Neither IUPUI Police nor the Marion County Prosecutor's Office would comment about the case.