Former dog day care owner charged for restroom recordings

Raymond Bridges
Dog day care voyeur
Dog day care voyeur

ZIONSVILLE, Ind. (WTHR) - The former owner of a dog day care in Zionsville is accused of secretly recording an employee in the restroom.

Prosecutors charged Raymond Bridges with two felony counts of voyeurism after they say he confessed to the crime.

According to court documents, Zionsville police say Bridges admitted to secretly recording one of his employees in the company restroom. He reportedly started the recording feature on his cell phone and hid it inside a first aid kit.

It allegedly happened on two separate occasions last month, when the woman was changing clothes in the bathroom. The employee spotted the phone while changing clothes and stayed quiet until telling police.

A judge signed two search warrants for Zionsville police to look for evidence at Bridges' home on the south side of Indianapolis. Police later searched the business and took a computer, cell phone, and other devices into evidence.

Bridges' next door neighbor, John Drey, also served as his business mentor after the business first opened in Zionsville. He has talked to both Bridges and his wife since his arrest and the allegations first surfaced.

"I think that's an excellent example to men out here to what can happen and to control themselves and do the right thing," Drey said. "Sometimes that's hard to do, but when you find yourself in that situation, get help."

Drey shared that Bridges and his wife sold For The Dogs after the allegations surfaced due to dwindling clientele.

The dog day care has a new owner, but some of the same employees still work at the dog day care. Many of them never thought Bridges would be accused of secretly recording them.

"He never seemed like he would do that to anyone," said Samantha Evans.

As the investigation into Bridges' alleged activity progressed, Evans resigned, but has since returned to the day care, calling it the job of her dreams. She has since been named assistant manager.

The dog day care is a 24 hour/7 day a week business for family pets. When Evans started working at For The Dogs, Bridges owned the business, creating what she described as a "family atmosphere."

"We were all very close, like a family," said Evans. "We could talk to each other about anything, no matter what the subject."

She sees the case as a lesson for everyone.

"If you ever feel uncomfortable in a bathroom, hold it or go somewhere else," she said. "If there is something in the bathroom that makes you feel uncomfortable, grab a towel and cover it up. Don't do something that makes you feel uncomfortable."

The new owners of the dog day care have improved services by contracting with an outside canine training company. They will offer the services to their customers. The employees at For The Dogs hope some of the old clients who left will come back, since Bridges is no longer the owner.

Bridges had his initial hearing Monday and will go to trial in July.