Former Carmel HS basketball player to plead guilty in assault case

Scott Laskowski

Chris Proffitt/Eyewitness News

Hamilton County - Ex-Carmel High School basketball player Scott Laskowski plans to plead guilty to attacking younger students inside the school's locker room.

It wasn't a surprise that Laskowski is pleading guilty in order to avoid an upcoming trial on three counts of criminal recklessness. His attorney filed the guilty plea Thursday in Hamilton County.

The former Carmel high school basketball player was charged with three misdemeanor counts in May in connection with attacking younger students in a team locker room. So far, it's unclear how many charges Laskowski will plead guilty to or what punishment he faces.

A judge issued a gag order in the case preventing attorneys and prosecutors from discussing any details.

Laskowski is one of four former Carmel basketball players charged in the alleged attacks. Oscar Falodun, 19, was also charged with battery and criminal recklessness in the locker room assaults.

Robert Kitzinger and Brandon Hoge, both 19, were also charged with misdemeanor battery and criminal recklessness. Those charges were transferred to Hendricks County since they were alleged to have happened on a team bus traveling through that county.

The Hendricks County prosecutor is investigating the case before determining what charges will be filed. The victim's attorney has urged prosecutor Pat Baldwin to file felony charges, saying that his client was sexually assaulted on the bus.

The question now is what this guilty plea means for the other men charged in the case.

"In terms of its impact on other cases...if you're the lawyer for one of these other individuals charged with the same act, the fact that one young man has admitted it happened means that at least one of the individuals is acknowledging the fact of the incident and that's gonna impact the ability to prove the case as to the others," said Prof. Fran Watson, IU School of Law.

Laskowski is now set to formally enter his guilty plea on November 4th.

Originally, Laskowski was set for a bench trial before Judge Hughes on November 17.

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