Former Carmel basketball player pleads guilty

Brandon Hoge

Emily Longnecker/Eyewitness News

Danville - There was anger and frustration from a victim's mother and a suspect's father after another guilty plea in the Carmel school assault case.

Brandon Hoge, 19, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery in Hendricks County. Hoge will serve no jail time, but will have to perform 40 hours of community service. He'll be on probation for 180 days.

Brandon Hoge spoke in court, but it was his father Craig Hoge who did the talking afterwards, saying there was another side to this story.

Brandon Hoge had nothing to say as he headed into a Hendricks County Court, but as part of his plea agreement, Hoge must write a letter of apology to the victim.

After the hearing, Hoge's father talked about that apology.

"We absolutely will not apologize for what did not happen on that bus," said Craig Hoge. "There was never under any case any anal insertion."

Hoge's father said video from the bus that night would prove the victim was not sodomized.

"I absolutely can't wait for this video to come out because you know what? They've been able to sell this story on innuendo and a one-sided spin and people are going to see this video and they're going to say. Seriously? This is what this things been about for 11 months?" said Hoge.

But after court, Hendricks County Prosecutor Pat Baldwin said she would not be releasing the tape because it showed juveniles on it.

The victim also addressed the same video in a statement his mother read in court.

He said, "to actually watch the tape and seeing what I thought were my friends participating in my humiliation, I will never allow it to happen to me again.....Whether the tape was erased, deleted or taped over, I know what they did to me. I'm reminded of it every day."

"You're going to see this young man laughing. You're going to see him smiling, you're going to see him him after he decides to go to the front of the bus, you're going to see him get up, do a dance and have the biggest smile that a young man could have on his face. It certainly did not jive with someone who was just involved in this violent attack," said Craig Hoge.

"It's not by choice that you appear to be friendly with them. What else are you to do? You're trying to in this position, you know, be a part of this group, to be a team member. That was his goal," said Sheronda Davis.

The victim's mother said the guilty plea would have to be enough for now.

"Even if not a full admission, it's still an admission," said Davis.

Hoge said his son would atone for his role in what he called horseplay with the victim. Hoge's father would not discuss specifics of what role his son played on the bus, saying he didn't want to jeopardize any aspect of the case still pending with the fourth player, 19-year-old Robert Kitzinger. His hearing is scheduled for February 15th.