FOP protests no pay raises for officers, firefighters


Leaders of the Indianapolis Fraternal Order of Police say they found out just before Labor Day that Mayor Greg Ballard won't honor contractual pay raises for police and firefighters in 2014.

The budget presented to the City-County Council last month did not include a pay raise for first responders. Public Safety Director Troy Riggs said at the time he was trying to find $3 million in his budget to cover the raises.

"To say our first responders are dismayed would be putting it mildly," the FOP said in a statement. "As this process initiated by the Mayor begins, our police officers are placing themselves in harm's way while our police department is hundreds of officers short with their back-up coming from greater distances. At the same time, our first responders continue to watch daily announcements of Super Bowl bids, increased 2014 funding and subsidies for others and new dollars for pet projects."

Last month, the mayor's office cited $55 million in "structural deficits" heading into 2014. Even with cuts, spokesman Marc Lotter said the city was still $25 million short going into 2015.

Speaking in August just before the mayor presented his budget to the City-County Council, Council President Maggie Lewis responded, "It's important to honor the contracts, IMPD and our firefighters risk their lives every day and their raises were contracted and we need to honor that.This is the budget season. We have to dig deep and find the dollars for them."

Mayoral spokesman Marc Lotter told Eyewitness News it's important to note that IMPD officer just received a three percent raise on July 1. He also says officers agreed to the contract and terms that said if city revenue did not increase enough to afford an additional raise, one wouldn't be granted.