FOP president won't be involved in case against son

Officer Cory Owensby

The Fraternal Order of Police is reacting to the indictment of an Indianapolis Metro Police officer on official misconduct charges.

Officer Cory Owensby faces 13 counts related to official misconduct and charges that he mishandled evidence in several different investigations. The alleged activities occurred over a period of several months.

Read the charges here.

The FOP says its president Bill Owensby, who is Cory Owensby's father, will not have any involvement in the matter, and that the vice president will handle a review of the case, along with the FOP's executive board.

On Friday, the FOP said it was "disappointed" to learn of Owensby's arrest.

"Our collective membership was disappointed to learn of the arrest of Cory Owensby. This matter has been further compounded due to the relationship of FOP President William Owensby as the father of the member involved. The specific details of the criminal charges have not been published. We do not know if the allegations constitute truly criminal conduct, departmental violations or unintended negligence. We are compelled to await further specifics," the FOP said in a statement.

The statement went on to say:

"However, just as compelling is our belief in due process for the accused; whether a citizen, an elected official or a police officer. Everyone in our society deserves a fair and impartial review of their actions, including Cory Owensby....We are and always have been a membership driven organization and our leadership acts in accordance with the direction of our membership. It is important to stress, at this time the situation is a private legal matter of the involved member."

The FOP said Bill Owensby requested in a regularly scheduled meeting with the board Thursday night that he wanted to "abstain from any professional involvement specific to this matter."