Football safety training for youth coaches


Thousands of children across central Indiana are part of youth football leagues this summer. USA Football hosted a safety training session for coaches Sunday.

Central Indiana youth football coaches spent their Sunday talking safety techniques during USA Football's Heads Up Football Player Safety Coach clinic.

Michael Brant is in charge of making sure more than 800 kids in Noblesville are safe on the football field.

"It was difficult for our middle school kids because we had taught them for years and years the other way," said Brant.  This is Brant's second time participating in the clinic.

The Safety Director says the most important safety technique he's brought back to his coaches and players focuses on tackling.

"Removing their head from the tackle. That is a very key part, especially at the developmental age. So, kids learn good habits, young," said Brant.

Former NFL star Mike Prior supports the program. Prior is the Colts Safety Commissioner. Prior says these programs are making football safer, even for professional athletes: "We just want to make it a better, safer game," said Prior.

Coaches also learned when to spot a concussion and how to make sure equipment fits properly.

Noblesville's safety coordinator said community donations helped pay for him to attend the safety courses with USA Football.

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