Football game in Ohio canceled when fight in stands spreads to field

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An Ohio high school football game was canceled in the third quarter after a fight in the stands spread to the field.

The football season got off to a rocky start for the two schools in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

Garfield heights was hosting Collinwood and leading 26-to-6 in the third quarter when a fight broke out in the stands.

When the fighting spread to players on the field, police were called to help restore order.

A witness said the situation got out of control very quickly.

"That first fight was stopped. But then they started playing football again. And then on the very first play when they started back, the teams just started fighting each other. I don't know why. Maybe it was a cheap shot, I don't know. But it got out of hand."

The game was canceled and will count as a loss for both teams.