Football analyst visits Indy for "tweet-up"

Peter King held court with 30 of his Twitter followers at Victory Field Monday night.

Indianapolis - A national football writer brought his online message to Colts fans Monday night.

Peter King is a writer for Sports Illustrated and a contributor on numerous TV and radio talk shows - including NBC's "Football Night in America" - but his current claim to fame is his Twitter followers.
"I don't like it, but it is just the way the landscape is right now," King said of the networking Web site.

He has almost 38,000 Twitter users following his every word. While Twitter limits his "tweets" to 140 characters, in the seats along the third base line at Victory Field Monday night, the conversation was face-to-face. Thirty of King's central Indiana Twitter followers gathered for a "tweet-up" - the name for an in-person meeting of Twitter users.

"It is always interesting to meet people like that, 'cause I rarely get the chance. You know, I'm a computer geek," said one follower.

King is in Indiana to cover the Colts' training camp in Terre Haute and after a Twitter poll of his fans, he chose Indy fans to meet face-to-face. While he admits Twitter has changed the way he does business, he says it's for the better.

"I think it is good for the immediacy, but I don't know why we need to find out everything 10 minutes ago, but that is the way the world is going," King said.

But in the "Twitterverse", King's deadlines are immediate and his fans expect information right now.

"I think it is real time, people want to know more and more about sports and about their favorite players, so it is real time feedback," said Julia Niemeyer, one of King's Twitter followers.

""It seems to be a little out of control, but in the immortal words of Bill Belichick, 'It is what it is'," King said.

King will be covering the Colts at camp on Tuesday, you can follow and comment on his reports on his Twitter page.

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