Flying ice smashes fire engine windshield, injures firefighter

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A Wayne Township firefighter was injured Tuesday morning when a piece of ice flew off a pickup truck, striking and breaking the fire engine windshield.

It was quick, but powerful.

A slab of ice flew off a passing SUV and right into the front windshield of a Wayne Township fire truck, smashing the windshield with one hit.

"I saw it coming and I didn't know what to do and I think I kinda ducked a little bit," said Wayne Township firefighter Matt Ervin.

It happened at around 10:00 am as the crew was traveling westbound on 21st St. just east of Girls School Road.

WATCH: Video of the flying ice

Ervin was behind the wheel of the fire truck when the glass shattered.

"It blew in the whole section of my windshield and the front actually hit me in the forehead," Ervin explained.

Ervin only had minor injuries and was thankful they were not heading to a call.

"We probably would have been going, maybe a little bit faster and if we'd have hit that, it would...the ice might have even hit me and it might have caused more damage," said Ervin.

Police haven't found the driver of the SUV, but said even if they did, the driver wouldn't get a ticket because what happened was an accident.

In Indiana, the law doesn't say specifically how well your windows or other surfaces of your vehicles must be cleaned off of snow and ice. You do, though, have to be able to see enough to have control of your vehicle.

"I'm sure that windshield is not cheap and it's just very expensive and, like I said, it's's's a special type of glass, so it's more reinforced for our safety," explained Ervin.

Wayne Township Fire Department's Public Information Officer Mike Pruitt says it will cost $500 to replace the windshield and the department will pick it up.

When it comes to safety, Ervin said he's just thankful he and his fellow firefighters ended up okay in one of those freak accidents that could have been prevented had the vehicle not had so much snow and ice.

An accident that could have turned out so much differently.

"We got lucky," said Ervin.