Flu shots still available


The flu is keeping Walgreens Pharmacist Cathy Simmons busy. "There's so many people coming in with achy bodies high fevers it's out there and it's wiping people out," said Simmons.

While plenty of sick people are coming into the northwest side pharmacy, just as many are coming by in hopes of keeping the flu at bay.

"Just in the last week it's really kicked up we did more in the past week than we did in the last two weeks of December combined," said Simmons.

Tamyra Seaver rolled up her sleeve first thing Saturday morning.

"I'm long overdue to get my flu shot and knew that I should have but I procrastinated," said Seaver.

Seaver had no problem finding the vaccine but stores, including some Walgreens are starting to run a little low.

"We're going through it very, very quickly but we are trying to move it around the stores which are moving it faster," said Simmons.

"Some certain places may be out or running low in vaccine but at the health department we are good on our vaccine so were ready to give those out," said Curt Brantingham with the Marion County Health Department.

A quick search by phone on online show the vaccine is still out there.

Statewide the number of cases of the flu were static this past week but the Flu season typically does not peak until next month, resistance is not immediate but it's not too late either.

"Within days you develop a mild resistance. Within weeks and months you get a strong resistance," said Indiana State Health Commissioner Dr. Gregory Larkin.

For those who get sick, Pharmacists say over the counter meds are plentiful but may not be all that helpful. If caught early enough Tamiflu may help.

"Tamiflu which works on the flu that only is good for the first couple of days of the flu so you can't wait otherwise you just have to wait it out," said Simmons.

Doctors will typically prescribe tamiflu for family members who may have been exposed as well.

Those still willing to take the chance and decline a shot might want to talk to Kathy Salem first. She's been sick for nearly two weeks now.

"My whole body aches. I just didn't feel like myself didn't feel good. You just feel exhausted," explained Salem.

To find a flu shot near you: http://flushot.healthmap.org/