Flu shot supply stressed

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In the Healthbeat this morning, the number of flu-related deaths here in Indiana continues to rise. The Indiana Department of Health is now reporting 21 deaths.

The Centers for Disease Control estimates the rate of the flu's spread has slowed, but it has already spread to 47 states and has overwhelmed some hospitals.

Some cities and states have even declared states of health emergency.

While doctors recommend getting a flu shot, not all providers have the shots at the ready.

Walgreen's is one of many retail pharmacies offering the flu shot with no appointment necessary.  And some stores are getting hit hard, running through their supplies much faster than normal.

At 16th and Meridian, they ran out of shots yesterday, but have more ready today.

A flu shot is recommended for every everyone six months old and above, particularly children, elderly and those with compromised immune systems.

If getting the vaccine from your doctor's office is not an option, you always go to your local pharmacy or your local county health department.