Flu concerns rising


If you haven't gotten a flu shot, there is a new push to get you to do so.  The same strain of flu that killed dozens of Hoosiers back in 2009 is once again sweeping the country.

"Swine flu" is a familiar phrase for most of us. We heard about it four years ago when the H1N1 strain spread to epidemic levels.

That same strain is spreading across the country once again.
The Centers for Disease Control is mapping spread of the flu virus and Indiana is one of many states where H1N1 is considered 'widespread.'

Hospitals Indiana are seeing increased cases. Most of those patients are between the ages of 18 and 64.
There are children affected as well, though, and reports are that 40-percent of them hospitalized for the flu this season were previously healthy - meaning they had no underlying conditions.
Doctors across the country say they are seeing twice as many cases as they usually do this time of year.

There have been three deaths in Indiana attributed to the H1N1 flu.

Overall, the CDC reports the number of deaths has not reached epidemic proportions this year, unlike 2009. They are recommending, however, the flu vaccine as the best prevention.
So if you haven't received a flu shot, they recommend you do so.