Florists hope to avoid big chill on Valentine's Day

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Love is in the air, but florists hope snow isn't. At least not Friday. They're counting on lots of Valentine's Day deliveries.

Tiffany Wesseler at Eagledale Florist on the city's west side worries the call for 1-3" of snow could put a chill on things. 

"I was up at 4:30 this morning checking that out, because (you can't sleep), you're concerned," Wesseler said.

Not surprisingly, Valentine's Day is biggest day of the year for her family's florist. Wesseler expects they'll deliver 130 arrangements, and snow could slow things down.

"We all need to pray it goes somewhere else," she said.

Fortunately, she and many other florists just dodged another winter storm, the one bearing down on the Southeast. She said many of the flowers from Central America are shipped to Miami and then trucked to their final destinations.

She said Eagledale received the bulk of its flowers Sunday and Monday, as did other florists Eyewitness News contacted.

But Wesseler also talked about the calm before a "different" storm, when the guys suddenly realize it's almost Valentine's Day.

"Our job is to keep guys out of the doghouse," she laughed. "We even have a card for those purposes. It shows a little guy in the doghouse."

She said for most guys, picking out flowers is the easy part, especially when it's last minute.

"They'll take anything that's not nailed down and is ready to go," she said.

But sometimes, they do need some help with the card.

"You know, it's just not 'Happy Valentine's Day, John.' You've been married 35 years, maybe she needs to hear you love her," Wesseler said.

She and her co-workers will pretty much work non-stop through Friday, living on energy drinks.

"You know, Monster, Vitamin C, Emergency C, Straight C," she smiled.

But she said Friday is always fun, especially on deliveries.

"It's probably my favorite thing, because it can totally change someone's day," she said.