Florida biker escapes crash with amazing flip


May 24th goes down as the day Mike Smith almost died.

A car turned left into his path, forcing him to do a front flip over the car, landing on his feet.

Smith explained the split second moment as he watched the video taken from a red light camera at Gulf To Bay and Belcher in Clearwater.

"He's just waiting in the middle of the intersection. I'm coming up Belcher," Smith recalled. "He's making a left on Gulf to Bay. He just comes out. He just comes out of nowhere."

Smith says he locked his brakes and did two flips off his Honda, then landed on his feet, only suffering some road rash on his elbow, hand and back.

The iHop server knows he could have been killed that day.

"I just hit that back brake, front brake same exact time. The minute my front wheel grazed the paint on his car, I ejected myself. I just jumped," said Smith. "Literally. I said I gotta bail. I'm not going through the car. I'm going over it."

Smith is riding again - although he doesn't wear a helmet.

The driver of the car was cited for making an improper left turn and driving with a suspended license. Smith was cited for not having a motorcycle endorsement.