Flooding impacts central Indiana rivers

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Kelly Greene

Flooding will be an issue for the next several days along creeks, streams and rivers.  The  Big Blue River in Shelbyville is at risk the worst flooding, with record flooding possible.

big blue river at shelbyville

It will crest at 19.73 feet and could break the record of 20.2 feet.  It is forecasted to crest on Sunday morning at 10am.  Flood stage is 13ft.  Below is more info on historical crests.

Here are the historical crests for this location:

(1) 20.20 ft on 03/28/1913

(2) 18.43 ft on 01/06/2005

(3) 18.41 ft on 11/15/1993

(4) 18.30 ft on 01/12/1937

(5) 18.30 ft on 01/25/1937

(6) 18.03 ft on 12/31/1990

(7) 17.70 ft on 03/05/1963

(8) 17.10 ft on 04/21/2011

(9) 17.00 ft on 01/05/1949

(10) 16.84 ft on 06/01/1997

Below is information at each level of what could be impacted if the waters reach certain feet:

20   feet:        Near record or record flooding is in progress. Major flooding causes substantial residential and business damage in Shelbyville.

19.5 feet:      Maximum good reading before wellhouse is flooded.

18  feet:         Major flood strikes Shelbyville.

17 feet:         Extensive flooding along left bank affects business and residential property along Boggstown Road. Rural flooding of a few homes near CR 100N and Boggstown Road on April 21, 2011.

16.3 feet:     Extensive flooding occurring along Big Blue River. Several residences in Sheblyville had water in their yards on March 6 2011. One day late extensive flooding at Mile Marker 82.5 in the Edinburgh area. Several                                   homes along Sugar Creek evacuate when the level peaked at 9 feet on the New Palestine gage one day earlier.

15 feet:         High water affects Trucking firm on Boggstown Road.

14 feet:         Flooding begins to affect business and residential property. West Washington Avenue east of rendering plant begins to flood. In winter and spring, persons are not too concerned. This level is rather unusual for                                  summer.

13.5 feet      Flooding affects Boggstown Road near sewage plant. Considerable flooding of agricultural fields south of Boggstown Road. Lowland flooding occurring along the Big Blue River in Johnson County.

13 feet:         Flood Stage. Water reaches CR 425W. Some agricultural land and extremely low-lying areas like Bear Chase golf course are flooded.

12.5 feet:     Right Bank 50 feet upstream of gage site overflows.

12 feet:         Lowland flooding begins in Sunset Park on left bank about one-half downstream of gage site. Water very near and may start over Shelby CR 425W south of Shelby CR 50S and north of Shelby CR 100S.

11 feet:         Flooding begins at Bear Chase Golf Course. Lowland flooding begins in Sunset Park located on left bank about one-half mile downstream of gage site. Flood waters in agricultural fields in SR 44 area.

9 feet:          River is near bankful and impairing sewage treatment operation. Some flooding is likely in southwest Shelby county.


Here are some other river forecasts:

White River at Noblesville:

Crest at 18 feet on Monday at 10am, minor flooding, flood stage is 14 feet

white river at noblesville


White River at Ravenswood:

It will crest at 9 feet on Monday at 10am, minor flooding possible, and flood stage is 6 feet.

white river at ravenswood

White River at Raymond:

It will crest at 14.2 feet Monday 10am, in an action stage, and flood stage is 16 feet.

white river at raymond street indy

Driftwood River at Hendricks Ford Bridge (north of Columbus):

It will crest at 16 feet on Monday 10am, moderate flooding is possible, and flood stage is 11 feet.

driftwood river at hendricks ford bridge

White River at Muncie:

It will crest at 12.68 feet on Sunday 10am, moderate flooding is possible, and flood stage is 9 feet.

white river at muncie

White River at Anderson:

It will crest at 15.6 feet on Sunday at 10am, moderate flooding is possible, and flood stage is 10 feet.

white river at anderson

East Fork White River at Columbus:

It will crest at 14.5 feet on Monday at 10am, moderate flooding is possible, and  flood stage is 9 feet

east fork white river at columbus

White River at Spencer:

It will crest at 20.9 feet on Monday 10am, moderate flooding is possible, and  flood stage is 14 feet.

white river at spencer