Flooding hampers firefighters' efforts fighting Blackford County fire

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Firefighters are on the scene of a large salvage yard fire on State Road 18 in Blackford County.

Crews had trouble getting close to the barn because it was surrounded by flood waters.

Conservation officers came in with boats to assist firefighters, who initially had to wade through flood waters to get to the fire. At one point, all firefighters could do was stand and watch the building burn because they couldn't get to the fire. Eventually they launched an aerial attack.

A couple who live in the house next door got out safely, although at one point the man who lives in the home went back to check on his dogs.

"We heard what I thought was gun fire and then the sirens," said neighbor Lisa Wells.

Those loud pops Lisa Wells heard turned out to be bursts of fire. She and her family live two doors down.

"We were scared with the explosions that something might land at my house and start a fire so it's been kind of scary," she said.

With no power and being surrounded by water herself, it meant a day at home.

We're stuck in here," she laughed.

The building has been abandoned but stored many different items, which is why the flames were so intense.

Trucker Lynn Beaty was also stuck, watching and waiting.

"I live local so I know these roads. All right - I'll do this...but no one told me about that!" said Beaty.

He took a detour off of I-69 which had been closed due to flooding.

On the back roads of Blackford County, he didn't know about fire closing the road.

"With 43,000 pounds on a box I don't want to get stuck and then Id have a problem," he said.