Flood waters keep emergency crews busy

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Flooding kept emergency crews busy overnight and into Sunday morning. 

One driver had to be rescued when flood waters trapped a car in deep muck just off I-70 and old 267 in Plainfield Sunday morning.

A man was rescued from the car just across from the Islamic Center.

A nearby river was the culprit. Flood swollen and fast moving it carried the midsize car off the roadway.

The same river swept past a Plainfield neighborhood where Department of Public Works set up caution signs and patrolled for signs of flooding.

Hours before that, from Hendricks to Hamilton County, at 106th Street just west of Hague Road. It was still raining hard about 4 a.m. when a full creek on the south side of the road spilled over onto the asphalt.

It's a common problem in that low spot near Richey Woods. But at least five other Hamilton County Roads closed too and many more had high water.

It was a good intense rain at Keystone and Kessler Sunday morning. The Department of Public Works had the southbound lanes of Keystone closed for a time but people went thru anyway, some because they were almost in the flood when they noticed the sawhorse and two traffic cones.

"What I have seen so far a lot of the drainage is really backed up down there," said one motorist at Keystone. "They need to get some more of the piping updated that we have down here."

Drainage is a persistent problem at the busy intersection near Glendale Mall.

"I just dropped my sister off at work," said another driver,  "This is the first problem I've run into since I've been here this morning. But they need to get things straightened out."

The city has looked at fixes for the intersection where cars backing out of the detour area cased a traffic hazard. Long-term fixes are still downstream.