Fleshner, Bacon win 1-meter championships

Aaron Fleshner and Sarah Bacon
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Aaron Fleshner and Sarah Bacon won the 1-meter titles Wednesday in the U.S. national diving championships.

Fleshner won the men's championship with 452.4 points. Bacon captured the women's title with 287.15 points. Both led throughout the final rounds.

In the men's division, Michael Hixon was second with 427.05 points and Bryce Klein third at 415.95.

In the women's division, 2008 Olympian Ariel Rittenhouse was second at 277.85, and Kassidy Cook third with 275.75.

Fleshner also won the event at the 2012 national championships and at last year's winter national championships. Bacon, a 17-year-old from Indianapolis, won the 1- and 3-meter competitions last week in the junior national championships.

The national championships run through Sunday at the University of Tennessee's Allan Jones Aquatic Center.

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