Flags wave in annual 9/11 tribute on I-69 overpasses


HAMILTON COUNTY - An awesome display of patriotism greeted drivers Sunday along Interstate 69.

For nine years, groups have gathered on highway overpasses to show solidarity as Americans on September 11. The group settles on the bridge over I-69 at 96th Street, waving the American flag which attracts the endless chorus of car horns from drivers supporting the group.

From sunrise to sunset, the group waves flags and spreads the message of freedom, letting everyone know the terror attacks can't attack the American spirit.

"That's all about being a catalyst out here for people to remember, is to remind them that they get involved, they're apart of this, they're just not a spectator looking in as a voyeur, they're actually a participant," said Dennis Locke, one of the organizers.

Many drivers actually stopped to thank those waving flags and bring them food and drinks as they continued through the evening.