Fitness guru Julie Voris to attend 2014 WTHR Health & Fitness Expo

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Fitness expert Julie Voris will attend the 2014 WTHR Health & Fitness Expo.

Voris is a veteran Beachbody Master Trainer and presenter and has worked side by side with Tony Horton, P90X creator, Shaun T, Insanity and Focus T25 creator as well as Chalene Johnson, TurboKick and TurboFire creator.

Julie has been featured in national training videos as well as the P90X2 home workout. During the WTHR Health and Fitness Expo, Julie will share her passion for fitness with a sampling of three heartpumping, fullbody workouts: Insanity, P90X and PiYo.

Insanity has been dubbed the hardest workout on DVD and is a total body, circuit training workout that uses only your body weight as resistance.

P90X is a crosstraining program which uses weight training, martial arts, yoga, and calisthenics.

PiYo is a mix of pilates and yoga moves to focuses on agility, athletic training, core conditioning, balance, and flexibility.

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