Fishers trainer bringing Insanity workout to Indiana gyms

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One of the featured events at this weekend's WTHR Health and Fitness Expo is the Insanity workout, the nation's top-selling workout DVD.

But if you work out at home, you might not push yourself as hard as you would in a group exercise class. To address that, the creator of Insanity is bringing the workout to gyms across the country and a Fishers trainer is key to making it happen.

At the Fishers YMCA, classes led by Julie Voris were moved from the exercise room to the gym to accommodate the crowd of 120 people who go to the kickboxing class at 9:30 a.m. Mondays.

They've been coming for awhile and move together with little cues, but when Voris transitions to teaching an Insanity segment, you can see how even the regulars are thrown off.

Abby Vander Wiele does hip-hop and Zumba and says Insanity is easily the most strenuous.

"Just the constant, like, you don't get the breaks, really, just constantly moving. You are up and down and obviously, I'm all sweaty," she said. "It's really fun. It's challenging, so I love it."

Voris is one of a handful of master trainers certified by Insanity creator Shaun T. The process took months and she is the only master trainer in Indiana. Her job now is to certify instructors so they too can bring Insanity to your gym.

"In your home, you can press pause and stop and take a break, but when you are doing it live, you can't and so what we hope is that you keep moving, you do what you can and you feed off the energy of everybody else in the group to get a little bit better workout, even than you would in your own home," Voris said.

The workout features longer intervals of work with short recovery, which makes for a hard workout.

"The interval training, the intervals up and down, different exercise physique levels, it's out of the norm for what people usually do in terms of cardio and so it can really stretch," said Christie Moore.

The work is based on five basic boot camp moves with a twist.

"It might be a jack, but it might be a crossed arm jack and it might be a pushup but it's a one-arm pushup," Voris said. "It's been out for five years and it's still the number one infomercial. Something about it is effective. People are seeing results. A program can't stay popular or trending if it's not working and this is working. It gets results."

Voris has 20 instructors signed up for her first training program this month, so look for it to hit your gym when the new group exercise schedules come out for the summer.

If you would like to try the workout, or just want to observe first, Voris will run you through the paces at 2 p.m. Sunday on the main stage at the WTHR Health and Fitness Expo.