Fishers residents fed up with snow shoveling

Fishers residents woke up to another blanket of snow on their cars.

The winter storm left a bigger mess behind in some communities north of Indianapolis.

Some of the heaviest snowfall amounts were recorded in Fishers. It's an honor homeowners in one neighborhood would rather do without.

Mike Olsen and his daughter Mercedes are a snow shoveling machine. They don't have a choice. Last summer, dad ditched the snow blower because they didn't use it that much.

"I didn't think we'd use it that much. I didn't mind shoveling a little snow," Mike Olsen said. "I do mind now. I wish I had that snow blower."

More than an inconvenience, more than a pain in the neck and back, these winter storms and near-record amounts of snow are getting costly.

Children and their families have another lost day of school to make up. Time off work, for many adults, means lost wages.

Justin Rice makes his living making deliveries. This winter, he's having to work harder and longer to earn his pay.

"Yeah, I am over it. I was over it a month ago. It just keeps coming," Rice said.

It's driving some people crazy.

"I have friends who think I'm nuts every winter," said Marcia Poisel.

That's because Marcia and her husband Randy love mornings like this.

"It's still beautiful to me. I am one of not many," she said. "Probably not popular."

But she's honest and finding happiness where others see only misery.

The rest of her neighbors want to be through with winter, but winter isn't through with them or the rest of central Indiana.