Fishers Police step up patrols following home invasion

Oswaldo Herrera
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A would-be burglar is in jail after surprising a Fishers man in his home. There is a lesson here for homeowners who may be heading out of town on this Memorial Day holiday weekend. Strangers could be watching your house, poised to strike while you're away.

Friday's attempted burglary happened near Fall Creek and Geist Roads in Fishers.

Neal Sinclair hopes everyone in his neighborhood is keeping their eyes open. He lives in the Masthead of Geist Harbors in Fishers. His neighbor woke up 5:00 am Thursday to find a would-be burglar in his home.

"I saw the police officers out in front of my house this morning. I went over to my neighbor's house and was surprised to see that a burglary had in fact taken place," said Sinclair.

His neighbor, who didn't want to go on camera, says the burglar entered an unlocked patio door. The homeowner got up to investigate a strange noise, found the burglar, yelled "get out" and called 911.

Fishers Police quickly arrested 27-year-old Oswaldo Herrera. His friend told officers Herrera decided to break in as they rode their bikes past the victim's home.

The number one mistake homeowners make is leaving the alarm off for a short while. Burglars are ready the minute you leave.

The second common mistake is getting a big dog. Most big breeds, unless they are trained guard dogs, aren't barkers. Get a "yapper" because small dogs make noise.

The third mistake is tall bushes and shrubs that hide windows.

Meanwhile, Fishers officers are doing several things to make sure they stay visible.

"One program in particular is called the Impact Car Program which puts extra officers in neighborhoods during specific times," said Tom Weger, Fishers Police Department.

Police say even with the impact program, which involves police cars throughout the community, they still want you to be on the lookout for suspicious people in your neighborhood.

"We strongly depend on the eyes and ears of the community," said Weger.

Police believe this is Herrera's only break-in, but they say there are plenty more potential burglars out there looking for opportunity.

Herrera faces a charge of residential entry, a D felony. He was arrested and taken to the Hamilton County Jail.