Fishers Police K-9 fatally shot by sheriff's deputy

Fishers Police K-9 Arrack
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A Fishers Police K-9 died in an incident involving an off-duty Fishers Police officer Wednesday.

It happened at the officer's home in Hamilton County. Officer Tracy Saxhaug was caring for the K-9, named Arrack, when a vehicle drove into her driveway.

The dog took a defensive stance and bit Saxhaug on the arm. She could not get the animal to release, so she called for a family member to help.

911 was called and the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department arrived quickly.

A sheriff's deputy tried several times to remove the dog from Saxhaug's arm, but could not get the dog to release its grip. The deputy made the difficult decision to shoot the dog. Arrack did not survive.

The officer was treated for puncture wounds and abrasions at a local hospital. The deputy was not injured.

The Fishers Police Department is conducting an internal review that will include a necropsy to be performed at Purdue University.