Fishers man golfs cross-country to raise money for Indianapolis school

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A law student from Fishers is packing up more than 3,600 golf balls tonight and he hopes it's enough for a unique cross country quest.

Luke Bielawski and his cousin will pull out in their trailer Saturday morning, complete with a John Deere Gator they will use a golf cart, and head west. When they get to the beach in Ventura California, likely on Tuesday, Luke will pull out an iron and starting hitting a ball East. His plan is to chase that ball and putt, pitch or pound it all the way to Kiawah Island and arrive there in early August.

"I'm about to hit a golf ball from the west coast to the east coast and playing it as it lies," said Luke. "It's going to be an endurance event but also a logistical challenge but we've done our homework and we are prepared."

Luke has been swinging in his garage all winter. He estimates it will take 48,000 strokes and he expects to lose 3,000 balls. They are avoiding the Rockies by taking a southern route.

The point is to see if it can be done and also raise money for Providence Christo Rey college prep high school, which is located just west of the Indianapolis Zoo.

The goal is to raise $100,000 for 12 scholarships.

Make a donation, or trek his route over the summer.