Fishers loses BMV branch

The Fishers BMV branch closed in April, with no plans to open a new one.
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Some people living in Fishers are surprised to learn they no longer have a BMV branch in town.

The old branch closed in April when the town terminated its lease and the state has no plans to open a new one.

It's a typical lunch hour in Fishers, which means a typical game of hide and seek, if you want to find the BMV.

"I am completely surprised," said customer Kimberly Klein.

"There isn't one? Okay," remarked another BMV customer Tuesday.

"It's surprising," Drew Kregers observed.

First there is the moment of discovery. The Town of Fishers terminated the lease on the building in April. But clearly the news is a little slow getting out there.

"I am a little put out now, because I am on my lunch break and I wanted to get my plates renewed and I can't do that right now," a frustrated Kimberly Klein said as she read the closed sign posted on the old Fishers BMV office.

"In May, when the BMV closed here in Fishers, it was determined residents were well served by other locations in the area," said Autumn Gasior, the Director of Public Relations for the Town of Fishers.

"We have submitted our proposals to Fishers. Yet to hear back," Josh Gillespie of the BMV countered.

Kregers wanted to make a quick stop to renew his registration.

"So hopefully I can make it to the open branch before I get popped by somebody," he worriedly stated.

But he had a specific reason for seeking out this Fishers branch.

"This is actually one of the most efficient branches around, so I would even come out of my way to come to this branch so I am surprised there was no notification given" the exasperated Kregers said.

We stopped in at the Noblesville branch to see how it was going, since it is one of the branches the BMV is recommending Fishers residents use. It was certainly busy for a Tuesday afternoon.

"I was hoping to come out at lunch time to get my new driver's license for the state and was surprised to see the branch was closed," Eric Mueller said.

Mueller is new to Fishers, having recently moved here from Ohio.

"It's surprising. You would think we would have the essential services needed for the residents. I'm really surprised we don't have it," he added.

The Town of Fishers decided it needed a new traffic court and an IT office more, so the BMV was bounced.

"I've lived here for 20 years now. Very surprised it's not open. Very unhappy," Klein said as she shut the door of her car to leave.

Other branches recommended to Fishers residents are in Carmel, McCordsville, Lawrence and Nora.

The BMV is on the verge of debuting a 24-hour kiosk in Noblesville that will allow customers to renew driver's licenses and registrations. That is expected to debut in the next few weeks.