Fishers dental office running Mini Marathon to honor colleague

Fishers Family Dentistry is participating in the Mini Marathon to honor a co-worker who died.
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The Mini Marathon takes place Saturday. It will once again draw thousands of people from across the state and around the country. People take part for many reasons. This year members of a Fishers dental office are walking to honor a beloved colleague.

Laura Cordray wears her running shoes at work and when she trains. Cordray is doing the Mini Marathon for the first time. She's never walked 13.1 miles, never had any desire to, until last summer.

That's when her colleague and friend, Jackie Iron, died in a car accident - just months after finishing the Mini.

"There was no question after she died. We all looked at one another and said, 'We just don't have a choice. We have to do this for her,'" Cordray said.

Jackie worked at Fishers Family Dentistry for a number of years. She was very into health and fitness, especially after surviving a massive heart attack in 2006, which was caused by a genetic defect. After that, she encouraged others to take care good care of themselves.

In fact, last year, she recruited five of her colleagues to walk the Mini with her, telling Eyewitness News, "They've stepped up on every training, so I've been proud of them."

Jackie said her goal was "to get the rest of the office next year."

Cordray admits, "I was one of her toughest customers."

But in recent months, she's become hooked.

"It's been a struggle but a lot of us have said we breathe so much better now, we feel so much better. We all want to keep up with this afterward," Cordray said.

She's one of ten co-workers walking in Jackie's memory adding, "We know she'd be thrilled we're doing this."

Sherry Salyer is another colleague committed to going the distance.

"it's been tough at times, but we all kind of have the same goal," Salyer said. "We want to do it for her and we push each other. Every time we get together and every time we pray about her, we know she'd be pushing our butt to do this or laughing at us or whatever."

The group walked ten miles two weeks ago, a huge milestone for Cordray.

"I never thought I could have done that and once I walked 10 miles, I knew I could do it. It's going to be hard and I'll suffer a few days but I know I can do it," she said.

Salyer, whose daughter is walking too, said, "It's going to be a lifetime change for all of us and as I said if it wasn't for Jackie we probably wouldn't be doing this."

While Salyer agrees it's terrific legacy for their dear friend, she added tearfully, "We miss her every day."

Jackie's two daughters will join the group as well.

Corday said while they will all be "really excited to cross the finish line, it will be very emotional" too.

They will think about the woman who inspired them all to get fit and go the extra mile.

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