Fishers city referendum causing confusion among voters

A referendum will decide if Fishers will become a city.

Turn the Town of Fishers into a city? It's a question more complicated than a lot of voters counted on.

"I taught high school government for 13 years and I don't get it," said Bruce Gordon, a Fishers resident.

Supposed help is in the mail. The Fishers newsletter has a ten-page explanation of the town-to-city referendum. The questions require numerous yes or no answers.

Residents who don't want Fishers to become a city vote no. Those who want a city vote yes, but then have to answer yes or no as to what kind of city.

Option one, a proposed reorganization, would have the mayor selected by the city council. Option two, a traditional city plan, would have voters electing their mayor.

"It's very confusing," admitted Doug Allman, who is leading the "City Yes" campaign.

Allman says he doesn't think voters will know what they're voting on.

"It's a little confusing," said Wayne Crane with Citizens to Reorganize Fishers.

But Crane remains optimistic.

"I give credit to the voters. They can get this. It is not our intent to make it very complex," he said.

But it is complex and Fishers is realizing that, yes, there are no easy answers.