Fishers business owners mixed on food and beverage tax hike

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It could cost more to eat out in Fishers. The town is considering a new food and beverage tax that would add to the cost of dine-in and carry-out food.

Charlene McDermott, who owns the original House of Pancakes in Fishers, is wary of the tax. She worries that tacking on an extra one percent to every bill could hurt.

"It's a few pennies, but still, they might not give it to the server and they're the ones who do all the work. But we see that now. We see that already. I think part of it is the gas prices and what the health care system will bring about," she said.

Others, like the owner of a pretzel shop, doubt the tax will have much impact.

"You can get one pretzel for a $1 or a roll of three for $2.75 so we're pretty reasonably priced. I don't think it will matter too much to customers if they're gonna come in and get pretzels or not," said Erica Wojtalik, Pat's Philly Pretzels.

Most of Fishers' Hamilton County neighbors adopted the one-percent tax in 2005. The Fishers Town council president says it would mean an extra $1.5 million a year for the growing community.

"Well, certainly, we could be using it for reducing property taxes for our residents, potentially, and also for using it as to be more competitive with our surrounding communities on an economic development perspective," said John Weingardt, Town Council president.