Fishers bank robbery suspects in custody


Morning commuters in Hamilton County saw a heavy and highly visible police presence as a bank robbery and manhunt unfolded.

Law enforcement from five police agencies helped the FBI and Fishers Police search for the suspects who investigators say forced their way into the Community Bank on 126th Street, robbed it and took off.

Police officers with K-9s blocked off streets, surrounded a hotel and even halted an 18-wheeler right in the middle of a busy interstate.

It happened at around 8:00 am when a group of bank robbers forced their way into the bank as an employee was opening the doors. They escaped with cash and the employee's car.

Police were not surprised. They've known about what the feds call a "dangerous bank robbery crew" working in the area.

"We have been working all morning and over the past several weeks with the FBI and IMPD Safe Streets Task Force in trying to determine the route of this bank robbery crew," said Officer Tom Weger, Fishers Police.

The task force was in position waiting to respond when the robbery occurred.

"Intelligence-led investigation has given us reasons to believe that they were in the process of at least casing other banks to rob. That's why we were out there this morning," said Bob Jones, FBI.

The task force quickly tracked the suspects down near Interstate 69 and 96th Street. It took about an hour, but agents and officers caught three men and two women. One of them was hiding in a closet in the Baymont Suites Hotel.

"This is an example of two professional organizations working in close cooperation to make the streets of Indianapolis safe," said Jones.

The task force is not saying how many bank robberies this crew is believed to be responsible for. They will only say that now that these suspects are in jail, the city is safer.

The suspects were later identified as 37-year-old Deandre Armour, 26-year-old Duryea Rogers, 20-year-old Olivia Haiflich and 40-year-old Tahita Burnett. Another man was also arrested, but his identity has not yet been confirmed.