First the snow, now the rain causing delays at speedway

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It's not even May yet and racing practice at the Indy Motor Speedway is already kicking off Wednesday with the first practice for Indy's first IndyCar road race, the Indianapolis Grand Prix. But, Mother Nature has slowed down work on the track for months and the hits just keep coming.

There have been numerous changes with the addition of new twists and turns to make this an exciting IndyCar road course! There were also new spectator mounds built for a front row experience to the action. But, there's still work to do. For the last several weeks, there has been major earth moved, concrete laid and now IMS is putting on the finishing touches. They had hoped to have even those things finished by now, but the brutal winter froze the ground so solid, they couldn't dig until recently. Now, that the ground has thawed, this week's rains have thrown a kink other projects.

"There's a lot of cosmetic work we haven't been able to complete just because the winter set us behind to get it ready from an operational standpoint. Once we get through this test and before the track opens for the race itself we'll get those cosmetic things done. Some of those things include paint on our curbs. Will do blue and white, so need to get those painted, some lines that need to be done, some signage that needs to be worked. Still got a lot of grassworkgrass worksaid Doug Boles, IMS President.

"One of the problems we didn't even think through was the wind itself. So, as we start thinking about how do we stripe this-the paint stripes. You need to put string in to line that so we make sure the striping is right. If the wind blows that just a little bit, it causes a problem. So, we've had to wait several days til we found days without wind to even stripe. So, it's not just the rain, or the cold or the snow. Even the wind can impact our preparation time," continued Boles.

This course has a total of 14 turns and speeds will range from leisurely 60 miles per hour to a heart-pounding 200 miles per hour. There are also new bleachers set up along the track for some of the best views in the Speedway!

About 20 of the top drivers are in town ready to test out this new course for the first time this morning. You can watch them do that from the museum parking lot or the nearby spectator mound starting around 10:00AM.