First Lady gives few hints about Governor's plans

First Lady Cheri Daniels
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INDIANAPOLIS - It had all the makings of a campaign rally.  The supportive crowd, the signs and a possible candidate.  Cheri Daniels addressed a sold-out GOP dinner Thursday night.  Her husband introduced her to the crowd. 

"This whole business of running for national office...  I am not saying I won't do it," said Governor Daniels.

The crowd, which longed for something more, took solace in that and then turned it's attention to First Lady Cheri Daniels.  She reminisced about her time at the State Fair and summarized her love for children, literacy and good heart health.

"I truly appreciate the encouragement you have given Mitch which has allowed him to do some incredible things for our state," said the First Lady. 

It didn't take long for the national press to gather around the governor and ask the obvious question:  Do you want to be President?  What's holding you up?  Daniels said, "I think you have to decide if this is really the way you would like to spend the rest of your life.  It will affect it one way or another.  Is it the right thing for the family?"

The Governor cautioned everyone from focusing just on his wife's feelings on the issue.  He says it's a family decision.  "Everyone's view matters, because it affects everyone."

As for whether the pressure intensified in recent weeks, the governor responded, "I don't know if I would say pressure as much as pace of communication of people encouraging the idea has intensified and not diminished."

And there is no reason to think that will not continue until he does make a decision.