First grader killed while walking to school

Police say the accident happened at this intersection in Lafayette around 7:20 a.m. Tuesday.

David MacAnally/Eyewitness News

Lafayette - Three young children were all doing the right thing Tuesday morning by heading to school early for breakfast. But they were just a little too early for the protection of a crossing guard.

On the street where she died, in the school she attended and in the hearts of her friends - grief for six-year-old Dynasty Wortham.

"She liked to play and have fun, always smiling. She will be missed," said Glen Acres Elementary principal Karen Combs.

Stuffed dolls mark the place where Dynasty died. The little girl and her older brother and sister were walking to school.

"About 7:20 in the morning when it's still dark outside. Not daylight yet," said Officer Mark Roberts, Lafayette Police Department.

At the corner of Greenbush and Shenandoah in Lafayette, the school crossing guards don't come on duty until about about 7:45 a.m., but police say Dynasty and her brother and sister tried to cross the street 25 minutes earlier to get to school breakfast.

"They don't look at the crossing signal where they cross they just simply look at the traffic light," said Officer Roberts.

Police say the three saw green and walked through the crosswalk toward the median. Then the light turned red.

Officer Roberts continued: "So then they retreated to the concrete median but the little six-year-old doesn't stop. She continued south on Greenbush street."

The eastbound 21-year-old driver had the green light and was not speeding and not reckless when she hit the child.

"Probably being dark out, wearing darker clothing. The lady in the vehicle didn't have a chance to stop. Didn't see her coming," said Officer Roberts.

The school brought in counselors Tuesday for students and staff.

"They were sad. They had questions, normal questions about death and dying," said Combs.

In room eight, Dynasty's first grade classroom, the grief counselor wrote down all the things classmates said Dynasty meant to them. The list include things like - plays with me, kind, she gives, she's nice to people, a friend.

"Just really a happy child. A joy to have in class. The kind of child you would want your child in school with," said Combs.

Maybe that explains this - mourning friends, even mourning strangers.

Police found no sign of impaired driving but ran blood tests. They don't expect any charges against the driver, 21-year-old Stephanie Adams.

Police also ask parents to teach their children how to properly follow traffic signals. They say it might have made a difference Tuesday morning.