Firefighters rescue puppy from Indianapolis storm drain

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Indianapolis firefighters came to the aid of a family and their puppy, which had fallen into a sewer drain Tuesday.

Firefighters from IFD Engine and Ladder 44 responded to a police dispatch around 4:40 p.m. that the dog, Lasy, had fallen into the drain and the owners couldn't get the lid off. Animal Control officers could hear the puppy barking, but could not determine its location in the drain.

Firefighters lifted three lids off of different locations in the system, but still couldn't see Lasy. Using slightly larger hoses each time, the firefighters tried unsuccessfully to flush the puppy out of the drain, even after draining their tank of 500 gallons of water.

Firefighter Jeff Mattingly then volunteered to descend a ladder into the drain, but was still unable to locate the puppy.

The final attempt, however, proved successful. Firefighters pumped nearly 300 gallons of water into the drain from a nearby hydrant. Finally, they saw the puppy poke its head out of the water. They were then able to use a net and neck loop to capture Lasy as she floated by and bring her back to the surface.

Lasy, smelly and dirty from the time spent in the drain, Lasy's owners gave her a bath and took her home.

Firefighters remind residents to never try to enter a sewer drain to rescue an animal on their own. Instead, call 911 and await the arrival of first responders to do the job.