Fines for parking in handicapped spots going up


Parking illegally in handicapped spaces will cost you more starting July 1.

"It's interesting. "It's kind of a shame we have to have fines to get people to do the right thing," said accessibility advocate Greg Fehribach.

Doing the wrong thing - illegally parking in a handicapped space - will mean a minimum fine of $100 statewide - up from the $50 minimum fine right now.

"For some people, $100 is very much to discourage. For others, it's a drop in the pan," said Fehribach. "Florida it's $250."

Indianapolis already has higher fines at meters downtown. In 2011, IMPD wrote 191 tickets for illegally parking in a handicapped zone. In 2012, officers wrote half as many tickets, 100. There have been 50 written so far this year, right on last year's pace.

But some illegally-parked drivers blamed meters in disrepair.

"Look at this. They need to fix that thing," said one woman.

She was pointing to one of the blue painted parking meters on South Meridian Street. The white handicapped symbol is peeling off and said she didn't realize she'd pulled into a handicapped spot.

Another man at a meter a couple hundred feet away told us the same.

"No I didn't," he said.

So be cautious, check for signs and the color of the parking meter. Making a mistake will start costing a lot more next week.

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