Finding relief from summer bug bites

Finding relief from summer bug bites
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In the summer, you have to watch out for mosquitoes, bees and even spiders. But getting relief from those bites means knowing what you're looking for.

With a spider bite, you'll notice the center area of skin is dead from the venom. Doctors recommend squeezing out the venom and treating the area with baking soda paste. If it doesn't get better, antibiotics may be needed.

For tick bites, the big worry is for secondary disease like lyme disease. The rash from lyme disease is distinctive being large red and irregular edged and you will want to get on antibiotics right away.

Mosquito bites are the most common this time of year and simple antihistamines can give you relief.

If you are bitten by chiggers, you'll see a series of small red bites on exposed skin. A quick way to treat those bites - clear nail polish.