Fight at Arsenal Tech prompts lockdown


Arsenal Technical High School was locked down this morning after a group of girls got into a fight, sending one to the hospital.

Medics were called to the high school on the near east side just before 7:30 am. An argument inside a cafeteria spilled outside and became physical. An Indianapolis Public Schools spokesman says the fight is part of an ongoing dispute involving four to five female students.

"Fist fight. It was four of 'em fighting each other. It wasn't just like two and two, two and two, they were all four fighting each other, pulling each others hair, going crazy," said Katie Shaver, a junior at the school.

A student tells Eyewitness News school police used pepper spray to break up the fight and forced the injured girl to the ground. IPS says it's unclear if the girl was injured during or after the fight or has some sort of pre-existing condition that was triggered by the melee.