Fifth graders' film addresses problem of bullying

South Indianapolis fifth graders are ready to debut their movie about bullying.
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A new film made by students for students, takes on a tough topic that affects children all across central Indiana.

Studies show one in three students is bullied, either in school or online.

Now, local kids have created "A Bully Story," which premieres next month on the big screen, in hopes of helping students deal with the danger of bullying.

There are scenarios from real life, portrayed by real students in the new independent film.

The educational film was created by south Indianapolis fifth graders, after research from a Girl Scout leader sparked discussions among kids at scout meetings about the growing problem of bullying.

"I think that everyone's probably witnessed and experienced it," explained fifth grader Alex Williams.

"No matter how tall or what age you are, what grade you're in, it can happen to you," added fifth grader Sarah Andresen.

"Many grownups don't think bullying is that serious. But to a kid, it's very serious. Plus, the measures that children are taking to get away from bullying have just become unacceptable and we have to be able to figure out ways to open a discussion or an outlet for kids to feel comfortable talking to an adult," said scout leader and film producer Carissa Miller.

Producers say a film made by kids, for kids, is a way to establish that comfort level. A total of 50 local students wrote the script, picked out costumes and performed as actors in the film.

"I'm very proud and I'm really, really glad we came up with the idea of doing it and I'm really glad that I get to take part in it," Andresen said.

Each scene takes places during the course of a normal school day - on the bus, in the school cafeteria, on the playground or online.

How to handle cyber bullying is talked about too in the movie too.

"Maybe if we do this film we can help stop it and just do all the little things we can to help," Andresen said.

They also hope "A Bully Story" helps change the story for young victims of their own peers.

The film debuts Saturday, May 18th at the Artcraft Theater in Franklin.

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