Few Americans make trip to Sochi for Games

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It's not an easy trip to get from the United States to Sochi, Russia. So we wanted to know how many Americans made it to the Olympic Games.

Cruising around the Olympics, we've met fans from all over the globe. But finding fellow Americans has been tough.

"I am having a fantastic time. Really enjoying the Olympics," said Californian Daniel Wolfe. "I think you have to admit, looking around, it's beautifully done, but I wish there were more Americans here so they could see it with their own eyes."

He says they're carrying American flags to help recognize each other and they seem to draw a crowd.

"It's been wonderful. The Russians seem to love Americans. We have been asked numerous times by Russians to have pictures with us and the flag. So far, it's been really fun," said a female fan. "We feel super safe. Lots of security. So far, super safe."

In the mountains, we found Buffalo, New York natives Tom O'Conner and Steve Arlington on the ski slopes.

"It's like a winter party. We are with everybody from a bunch of countries. A lot of fun," Arlington said.

The guys drew a curious crowd, including a young Russian girl, posing for a picture with the visitors from far away.

"It's one of those things you have to be here to know, but it's like hanging out with friends you just met, but it feels like, you know, everyone, whether it's Canadians, Russians or fellow Americans, we've just had a blast getting to know each other," Arlington said.