Fever's Douglas enjoying life at the top

Katie Douglas scores over 17 points a game for her hometown team.
Rich Nye/Eyewitness Sports

Indianapolis - The Indiana Fever won again Wednesday night with Indy's own Katie Douglas leading the way. The Fever own the best record in the WNBA.

Katie Douglas scores over 17 points a game for her hometown team. She's the top scorer for the top team in the WNBA.

"Life this summer is great at the top. I've got a great thing here. I've got my family here, my friends to support me. I've got a house. I've got a great family as far as Indiana Fever. It's great what we're doing right now," said Douglas.

Douglas also lives near the top. She and her husband bought a downtown condo after the Fever acquired Douglas in a trade last year.

"I think about other sports, athletes, other figures that haven't had this unique opportunity that I've had. It means a lot to be able to come back home," she said.

Douglas grew up on the south side of Indy and starred at Perry Meridian High School before going on to win a national championship at Purdue.

Now 30 years old, Katie prefers the downtown life with her Greek husband.

"I like the fact that we are living downtown. It definitely reminds me something of my hometown of Athens," said Vasilis Giapalakis, Douglas' husband. Douglas admits she doesn't do much of the cooking.

Giapalakis is a sports agent who represents WNBA players in Europe. That's how he met his future wife.

"You can also tell from the way she plays on the court; the intensity she has and some intangibles that she's bringing on the court are part of her personality off the court," he said.

The couple had a big fat Greek wedding almost four years ago. Douglas points out her wedding pictures that hang on the wall. "Very traditional. The wedding was all spoken in Greek," Douglas said.

Their home displays photos from the cities Douglas has played in all over Europe in the winter season, but each summer she looks forward to coming home.

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