Fever fans thrilled with championship win

Lisa Motley

Fever fans celebrated the team's first WNBA championship Tuesday afternoon with a rally inside Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

While plans originally called for a noon parade from Monument Circle to the Fieldhouse, the parade was cancelled at 11:45 because of the weather.

Fans standing along the parade route were a bit disappointed, but took the change in stride.

As one fan said, "We'll take ourselves over there and let them know how proud we are of what they've done."

See a slide show of Tuesday's celebration.

The change in venue did not dampen the celebration. Two days after the Fever brought it home by winning their very first title, fans returned to the Fieldhouse to show their support.

Lisa Motley said, "I'm excited because I feel like Indianapolis is a sports city and we got them!"

A man visiting friends from out of town came along for the fun of it.

"It's fantastic. The enthusiasm of the crowd is just great. I can see why Indianapolis is so basketball crazy," he said.

Debbie Kramer said, "It's great. It shows the city supports all of its teams. You have to be proud of that."

As the crowd of several thousand heard the announcer say, "The 2012 WNBA champions," the fieldhouse erupted in applause and cheers.

Judy Springmire said, "It's such a pleasure to see good girls do a great job."

Joy Sprinnby chimed in, "It's wonderful. Indianapolis needs more PR about the fever."

But the spotlight wasn't just on the team, but the diehard fans who stood by the Fever even when they weren't so hot.

Head Coach Lin Dunn asked the crowd, "How many of you were here from year one? Oh yeah, baby, thanks!"

Of course, the Fever have also won plenty of new fans like 11-year-old Toni Joyner. "To me they're really great role models, they're great basketball players and they're so nice and everything," she said.

Toni says she'd love to follow in their footsetps. Her dad says that would be great.

"They are part of the community. They love their fans and get involved with them," said her dad Ron Joyner.

Dunn told fans it wouldn't be the last celebration.

"We want you to enjoy this and I promise you will do all we can within our power to get another one next year!"