Female student jumps from middle school window


An investigation is underway after a middle school student jumped out of a second-story school window during class.

It happened at Northview Middle School at 86th Street and Westfield Boulevard

School officials confirm the girl jumped from a second story window at the school Wednesday, but aren't saying what led to the incident, which several students witnessed.

Students tell Eyewitness News the girl who jumped out the window did it during the last class of the day. According to students, the girl is a seventh grader at Northview.

Eighth-grade student Lukas Evans says he saw it happen right before his eyes, even though he was in a different classroom when it happened.

"I was in math and I just heard a bunch of screaming coming from the other side of the school," recalled Evans.

Evans said when he looked out the window to see what everyone was screaming about, he couldn't believe what he saw.

"I could see the girl standing with her back facing the window. It was open and then she just leaned back and fell out," explained Evans.

The school district issued a statement confirming the incident.

"Yesterday afternoon, a student went into a second-story classroom at Northview Middle School, opened a window, and jumped out. Administrators responded immediately and followed protocol. The student was transported to an area hospital and was later released with no physical injuries. To maintain student privacy the district is not able to comment further," the release stated. "Washington Township follows very strict guidelines to insure (sic) the safety of our students every day. We are saddened by this incident."

There has been a lot of speculation about what would cause a young woman to jump out a window in front of her peers.

The school district wouldn't say what led to the incident, but several students and parents have been commenting about the alleged reasons all across social media.