Felony charges filed against owners, employees of Kokomo medical center

Drs. Marilyn and Don Wagoner during a March hearing.
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Prosecutors filed felony charges against the owners and employees of a Kokomo medical center Friday.

The Howard County Prosecutor's Office announced the charges against four medical doctors and three physician assistants at the Wagoner Medical Center. The center has offices in Kokomo and Burlington.

The doctors are accused of directly or indirectly causing the deaths of 26 patients. A ruling last month allowed the facility to continue to see patients, but not prescribe medication for pain.

The state alleges the doctors pre-signed prescription pads for the staff to distribute freely to patients.

Dr. Don Wagoner, Dr. Marilyn Wagoner, Dr. William Terpstra and Dr. Robert Brewer face felony charges related to dealing narcotics and Schedule 3 and 4 controlled substances.

Don Wagoner faces 20 felony charges, Marilyn Wagoner, faces a total of 19 felony counts and Terpstra is charged with a total of 24 felonies. A bond of $1 million has been set for all three doctors.

Brewer was charged with two felony charges.

Physician assistants Gary Hartman, Thomas Hewitt and John Thomas were also charged with felonies, along with Nurse Linda Richards and office manager Michelle Wagoner.

A $75,000 bond was issued for Brewer, the assistants, Richards and Michelle Wagoner.